Rohnert Park Martial Arts – Tournament Tips for Success

Tournament Winning Medals

winning tournament medals

For students going to compete in a tournament for the first time, this can be a nerve racking experience.   However, when provided with the proper  practice/training and several tips, students can be more confident, better prepared to have a positive, fun experience and be pointed in the direction of success.  Here are some tournament tips for success:

1. Go to have fun, learn how to improve your martial art skills and make new friends! Make this your #1 priority.

2. Be vocal – shout (Ki-ahp) loudly when performing – get yourself noticed and stand out from the crowd.

3. Have a winning attitude – first priority is to have fun and enjoy yourself; however the whole point of entering a competition is try and win a medal; work on developing a “winners” mindset.

4. Develop confidence! Confidence means the ability to apply 100% effort without holding back.

5. Adopt the 6 P’s – Proper Planning & Practice Prevents Poor Performance. I.e.; prior to tournament competition have good breakfast, arrive early, stretching-out and warming-up properly also helps to alleviate nerves prior to competing.

6. Paying attention to detail. Remember it’s the little things that make a big difference to the judges at the tournament. Low Stances, Mind Clear, Eyes Bright, Fast Hands & Spreading your fingers wide when performing techniques is just one prime example.

7. Tournament Etiquette – Following correct procedures, which not only makes you look professional it makes you look like you know what you’re doing, it also makes you stand out.

8. Give & gather support – Peer support at the is not only a great way to improve performance it’s also an effective way of relieving nerves. Support your classmates as best you can and allow them to do the same for you.

Go Team RPMA!  

Here are some more images from the Kuk Sool Won Pacific Coast Tournament: