“Started Kuk Sool Won™ at 45 years old and I truly wish I had not waited so long!! For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to sign up for a Martial Arts Class. It was not until my Son in law and Grandson decided to try Kuk Sool Won™ and asked if I wanted to try it with them that I had the courage to try. That is when I found Rohnert Park Martial Arts Kuk Sool Won™. From the first minute I walked through the door, I was treated like an old friend by PKJN Debra and SBN Jeremy and never once did I feel like an outsider. Since I started there have been many new students and they are always welcomed and made to feel at home.
PKJN Debra and SBN Jeremy are both excellent instructors, with an extreme passion for Kuk Sool Won™. Classes are fun and challenging, where you are pushed hard to perform within your own limitations. The classes are run in a safe manner and you are never intimidated into doing something that you do not feel comfortable with. I am so grateful that I found Rohnert Park Martial Arts Kuk Sool Won™!!!”

– Eric Arendell

I enrolled my toddler to help with his self-control, learn more about respect and help with self-discipline. In just 2 sessions I noticed a very positive change in his ability to control himself and tasks at home.

My daughter is also enrolled and loves to talk about what she learns with everyone that will listen. Her self-confidence has grown tremendously too!

The instructors are wonderful people that want to see their students grow both in training but also as a person. They reward their students for school grades, achievements and chores at home. I’m very happy that I chose RPMA for my children and recommend them to everyone.

– Kelly B.

“This martial art class covers everything I would like my children to learn and more. Honor and respect on and off the mat. Certified martial arts training. Family orientated. Very extensive and collective form of martial arts.”

– Cheri C.

“It’s amazing how this school has made my child more confident, he has a new level of focus and respect. His teacher’s and this school are a gem!”

– John K.

One Mind Focused…Nothing’s Impossible!

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